Fringefeed | 03 Feb 2018

Comedians Vs Rappers

What do you get when you pit a couple of comedians versus some rappers?

A good time – that’s what. Comedians Vs Rappers is a hometown favourite, so it was no surprise to me that the show was completely sold out.

The show starts out with Christopher Shin, who is your host and one of the creators of the actual show itself, introducing your comedians and your rappers separately to let the audience get a sense of what their individual styles are.

This is where any sort of rehearsed material stops, and we get to the fun part.

Comedians Vs Rappers is essentially a game show, filled with different rounds, points, and a DJ who has great timing with his soundboard.

In summation there’s a total of 5 rounds, in which every round is completely improv based, making the whole ordeal even better. One of the rounds I particularly enjoyed was ‘Pick Up’ which involved creating pick up lines around audience members.

Did I mention there was audience participation? In a few of the rounds they pick different audience members to help with giving them a theme to create their raps/jokes around.

Beware, you could be severely roasted, or you could live the dream in my personal favorite round ‘Pie-Or-Die’ and get to slam a mystery pile of white stuff into a comedian or rappers face.

Personally, the comedians stole the show for me, and according to my fellow audience members they agreed as the comedians took the win this time. Sorry rappers, you fought well though.

Overall, you’ll see a plethora of talent, some friendly competition, and an epic rap battle of comedy that will leave your sides splitting.

Comedians Vs Rappers is on at the Hellenic Club WA and the Balmoral Hotel, and I suggest you do not miss out.

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Samantha Chemuduri

Ticket Price $25

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $25
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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