Comedians Against Humanity, Yianni Agisilaou


With a 4 star rating in previous shows, expectations were high for this comedians take on the well-known card game “Cards Against Humanity”.

With cards dished out in the audience and guest comedians, it felt like we were ready for a hilarious night of the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway”.

Yianni Agisilaou hosts as comedians take their shot on stage, improvising with what ever card and scenario Agisilaou dishes out from his deck. A bit of a hit or miss at times the crowd had a few laughs.

Requesting cards from the audience got the crowd interacting and as the show continued the crowd shared a few more giggles.

Whilst the concept is good the show feels a bit awkward and cringe worthy at times, with comedians not always having quick enough reactions to the cards.

However, with different comedians each show that aspect could change drastically.

A great concept and idea, I’d recommend checking out Yianni Agisilaou’s Comedians Against Humanity, but with the anticipation the guest comedians will play huge factor on your unpredictable night.

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Review by Rose Kielty on 02 Feb 2018

When not finding excuses to devour coco-whip, Rose enjoys observing and interpreting the world around her…. whilst of course eating coco-whip. She may seem quiet at first, but is most likely reconstructing a festival of words worth putting on to paper for you to enjoy!

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