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Clara Cupcakes – Top Bits

Endearingly daft and delightfully, silly Clara revealed her top bits, and we loved it.

The show is basically a loosely woven together story of her life as a performer. Clara’s career encompasses comedy, burlesque, clowning, circus skills, storytelling, music and all these and more feature in the show.

Clara’s exuberance is infectious and she brings us into her ‘vaudevillian’ world, presenting her highlights as a party for a self-employed performance artist, taking place inside her head!

She stages some of the key moments in her life and career such as her “yes, yes, yes” on that tv talent show, meeting her future partner on the dance floor, breaking up with said partner – all delivered with her trademark affectionate quirkiness.

Clara also answers questions about her profession as though formulated in her head but asked in voice-overs or set up in various ways for the audience to ask her.

There are elements of children’s party – with games such as pass the parcel and pinata, and office party – with overflowing crisp bowls and that feeling of inhibitions loosening as the party progresses.

The music comes from both karaoke, where Clara encourages us to follow the bouncing ball to her lyrics for well known tunes (again themed around the performer’s life) and also a lovely interlude where she sings a little ukelele ditty celebrating and bemoaning her life as an artiste.

Of course Clara is known as a talented hula hooper – the minimal clothing she has for this part of the show makes it a unique (but very well received) talent. A big question which she invited us to answer was, is it Burlesque or Comedy? To be frank it’s a bit of both – just how we like it.

So we’ve enjoyed Clara’s Top Bits, we’re all better for the experience and if we see her around town in the next few days, we can sidle over, lean in close and say in a quiet voice “I’ve seen your top bits”.

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Stuart Moore

Stu loves the buzz of FRINGE WORLD - wacky and quirky shows, sophisticated and sublime performances appealing equally. With school age children Stu often needs material for Dad jokes. When not out and about or slaving away at his day job, Stu coaches little athletics in summer and soccer in winter.

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Once again, Clara, Karen, Diane and the whole crew have topped out!
I love Clara every time I see her and the venue was the perfect place for a work party.
Laughing the whole time, thank you for a perfect ending to this year’s FRINGEWORLD Festival!

Reviewed by Ben Albert 2020

This vaudevillian has some of the best bits I have seen, from top to bottom and everywhere in between! Clara Cupcakes is the voice inside my head, and a voice of reason that society sorely needs in this day and age. ‘Top Bits’ was innovative, fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

Reviewed by Krispin Maesalu 2020