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Claire Sullivan: Toast Rat

Claire Sullivan’s Toast Rat is weird, whacky and wonderful. She is an exceptionally brave performer who sets her ego aside to talk about coffee, scooters and of course sex.

She is more relatable than bringing a book to the beach and not reading it, or checking your symptoms online and convincing yourself you’re on death’s door.

She is a free spirit who challenges stereotypes and is a little bit ‘out there’ but in a good way. She undresses on stage, recounts her most embarrassing moments and is not afraid to make a fool out of herself.

The show encompasses some unusual character impersonations, remarkable storytelling and natural wit.

Her story about how this guy pulled an unrefrigerated steak from his backpack, in a house full of vegetarians, was hilarious.

It’s not for everyone and certainly is not for the faint-hearted, however, she is a passionate artist who really does wear her heart on her sleeve.

The show pays a touching tribute to her late father who we hear throughout the show. Her father would be proud of the wildly independent, daring and lovable young woman his daughter has become.

Claire Sullivan is ahead of her time, a phenomenal performer and a complete crack-up. If you’re a little bit weird, you’ll fit right in! There is no such thing as normal.

P.S we hate backpack steak man!

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Briana Fiore is a harmonica playing, pizza loving, Journalist from the South West. Her most recent adventures include teaching in Italy, studying in Spain and writing in the same cafe that JK Rowling started Harry Potter. She supports local gigs and often dreams of a world where Dumbledore lived on.

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Forget Mighty Boosh, this is Luxury Comedy level. It's very much a skit show of the sort of absurd British-humour variety, although not just filled with skits or straight humour, and I absolutely loved it.

Claire emotionally bares her life to you one second, and has you confused, laughing and maybe a little scared all at once in the next. Go along for an experience you won't find anywhere else but at Fringe. You're brilliant, Claire!

Reviewed by Ash 2020

I loved this so much. I saw one of Claire's earlier shows (I wish I had a hotel for dogs) a couple of years ago and feel immediately in love with her absurd, energetic and clever comedy style and excellent use of props.
I had high hopes for Toast Rat and they were totally exceeded, this show has all the things I loved from before but is also honest and personal and the best thing I saw all fringe.

Reviewed by Gwen 2020