Fringefeed | 24 Jan 2020


Welcome to the circus – African style.

The appreciative audience, encouraged by the Ringmaster, clapped and stomped throughout the show as they watched these incredible acrobats tumble and flip across the stage.

Ever done a head stand on someone else’s head – or foot? A single arm plank on top of a precariously balanced stack of eight chairs?

Ladders, rollers, tables, balls and planks were the tools of the trade as one astounding feat followed another in this high energy show.

Witness the strength, the balance, the agility, of this amazing troupe of acrobats as they perform astonishing feats of physical mastery on stage at the Regal Theatre.

Big kids and little, all will love Cirque Africa.

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Julie Petersen

I love being part of the festival that is FRINGE WORLD and hope to inspire as many of you as possible to get out and soak up the atmosphere, to open yourselves to the range of experiences on offer, and enjoy Fringe 2019.

Ticket Price $46 - $46

End Date 09 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $46 - $46
  • End Date 09 Feb 2020
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Amazing acrobats and performers, they were extremely energetic and talented. They clearly work very hard and love what they do!

Reviewed by Ali 2020

Awesome show, so musical, amazing athletes, so many individual talents...must see...

Reviewed by wendy balestri 2020