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Presented by the award-winning Head First Acrobats, Circus’Cision returned to The West Australian Spiegeltent for the opening night of FRINGE WORLD 2020. As the go-to late night special on the block, the line to get the best seat grew quickly and added even more anticipation to the viewing.

With a brooding start and some acrobatic breakdancing, the show kicked off nicely as Perth welcomed them back with open arms. Thereon, the cast announced that their talents would be showcased act by act. From vein-popping acrobatic stunts and whips to (literal) blue balls, the cheeky sexual undertones were aplenty — and it was clear to see the audience was going wild for it.

Amongst all, hula-artist Chelsea Angel dazzled us with her flawless coordination, while Adam O’Connor-McMahon performed a smooth routine using truly unconventional props. Of course, there was even the nod to the popular Game of Thrones series, with Cal Harris and Thomas Gotham all costumed up and displaying their marvellous strength through a chain of two-person acro stunts.

Moreover, for those who are looking to have their breath taken away, the incredulous aerial hoop and strap work that follows will have you on your toes as you get a proper eyeful of each daring stunt.

It goes without saying, but circus performers of this calibre are incredibly dedicated to and adept at their craft — however, one or two acts fell flat with unpolished execution. At times, self-deprecating humour was sprinkled in to attempt to save this, but it unfortunately lost the crowd at times.

Bar a couple of raw transitions, Circus’Cision would be the after-hours circus show to conquer on anyone’s list. There are moments where you’ll simply want more, and moments where you won’t be able to look away — but as we know, it’s all in good fun and true to the spirit of FRINGE WORLD Festival.

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Ticket Price 30 - 35

End Date 15 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price 30 - 35
  • End Date 15 Feb 2020
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Awesome performance!! Incredible acrobats, skilful juggling, beauuuutiful venue and sexy, NAKED dancers... what more could you ask for?!

Reviewed by Bridget 2020