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Circus’Cision combines acrobatics and a number of other acts from the cabaret genre with a mischievous and sexy cast that’s sure to get your heart racing.

Headed up by a core group of performers from Head First Acrobatics (HFA), the show mixes in traditional Cabaret acts, such as acrobalance, juggling, side-show classics and a mesmerising hoop act, with some death defying and outrageously comical pieces tucked away for good measure.

The audience will find themselves captivated from the beginning as the cast performs high energy acrobatic feats that are sure to amaze.

As well as being indisputably skilful, this eclectic group of performers carry the show effortlessly with a huge amount of humour, charisma, and sex appeal.

It is rare to see a group of performers who are both so talented and comfortable on stage, not only in and of themselves but with each other.

That they have been working together for a long time is immediately apparent.

This familiarity often gave rise to hilarious and spontaneous moments during transitions between the various acts or in the form of anecdotes from the fantastic MC.

HFA performers are joined each night by a rotating cast of local talent that makes each performance unique.

Whilst this show may not be for those with a particularly delicate sensibility or those whom find themselves easily offended through dark humour or nudity, it is a highly polished, sexy and engaging show that should be seen by anyone who enjoys the genre.

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Tom Bednall

A lover and participant of the arts his entire life, Tom Bednall naturally has been a Fringe fanatic since learning of the festival’s existence. Having worked backstage on a number of productions in recent years Tom is looking forward to viewing, reviewing and sharing a whole host of new and amazing shows in 2019.

Ticket Price $21 - $30

End Date 15 Feb 2020

  • Ticket Price $21 - $30
  • End Date 15 Feb 2020
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Saw these guys in the Spiegeltent last night. It was an amazing show. Very funny. Exceptional talent.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Richard 2019

Loved every single second! Very entertaining, hilarious, incredibly talented! My favourite fringe show ever! Would 100% see it again tomorrow and love it just as much. Every performer was entertaining and funny! Ring master was amazing! He made me laugh more than some comedians. And the sheer skill, flexibility and strength! Insane!!

Reviewed by Dawn 2019