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Chris Turner: Target Demographic

In the first of two of his promising shows, Chris Turner shines brilliantly in his return to FRINGE WORLD Festival for his fifth year.

Hailing all the way from Los Angeles, the award-winning British comedian packed out the venue on opening night — which was no surprise.

You may recognise Chris Turner from his iconic improvisational raps floating around on Youtube. Either way, he has a remarkable way of turning generational observations into the best quips. From the get-go, we were treated to all-new comedic material.

From punny one-liners to cultural stereotypes and cold nihilism — he delivered all kinds of original jokes that didn’t offend but rather, left us bowling over with laughter. Not to mention, there’s a certain art to constructing a cohesive yet hilarious narrative, and Chris has this down to a tee.

With his witty storytelling, we hear of adolescent adventures in Tesco descending into chaos and how Uber rides can become an instant nightmare.

Having been lauded as ‘the world’s greatest freestyle rapping comic’, Chris Turner lives up to his name — and getting to witness this in person was simply unbelievable.

Of course, the absolute highlight of his set would be his ever-famous rapping prowess. By asking each section of the audience to call out random words, Chris takes on the most absurd audience suggestions and blows us away with a fitting freestyle rap.

After catching his breath with another handful of jokes, he dives straight back into another freestyle rap — this time, inspired by odd items found in his audience’s pockets and purses.

In saying this, this entire element ensures that no two shows are ever the same – a tempting factor that might very well see myself returning next week!

If you’re after a colourful night with countless laughs, Chris Turner: Target Demographic is hands down the comedy show for you at FRINGE WORLD Festival 2020.

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