Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2020

Chris Turner: Rap God

It’s the question that has plagued mankind for decades: who is the greatest rapper of all time? Old school fans would say either Biggie or 2Pac. This generation would possibly choose Kendrick or Earl. Yet right now, there’s quite literally another contender in town, and his name is Chris Turner.

Turner isn’t new to rap in either life or work. He’s been a fan of the genre ever since discovering Eminem at an early age, and his masterful freestyle videos have been frequently shared online. However, this show truly proves his skill in the game – and it certainly helps that he’s an incredibly talented comedian too.

On appearance alone, Turner doesn’t instantly look like a rap god, and he’s the first to admit it. There’s an unavoidable awkwardness in being a white and nerdy fan of a predominately black artform. Turner isn’t afraid to skewer this concept and in doing so quickly brings other likeminded music fans on board.

Whether discussing rap beefs or trickier terrain such as misogyny in music, Turner makes an inspired speaker with a cheeky charm that keeps us onside… even during the dirtier moments. His natural rapport with the audience is unquestionable.

The music itself is never the punchline. Turner has an abundantly clear appreciation for the genre – from his knowledge of rap history to an ability to perfectly capture subgenres from gangsta to trap. This show comes from a true love of the art.

Combining pre-written tracks, stand-up, audience assisted freestyles, and even a lil’ poetry, Turner’s clever and quick-witted comedy flies by with a joke every other line. It’s on you to keep up but at least if you miss one gag there’ll be another in five seconds. His vocabulary and wordplay is second to none and makes every moment a delight. As for the show-stopping finale, to spoil it would be a crime, just keep your favourite word in mind.

Come early and stay late, there’s a credit sequence you simply must see, don’t let yourself miss a single brilliant second of Rap God.

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