Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2020

Chris Martin – Claw Machine

A quirky comedy show at the Aberdeen!

Don’t be disappointed that there isn’t an actual claw machine, Chris Martin will still slot in the coins and pick you up with his figurative claw of comedy.

A great show upstairs at the Aberdeen, Chris had a great compilation of jokes showcasing his road to being a comedian.

With plenty of material to make you laugh, cringe, or maybe even facepalm. When all else fails just throw in the dad joke!

Excellent show for opening night and the nicely lubricated crowd were also entertaining. Being a small venue, the punters were feeling pretty comfortable, it was like Chris was our mate telling jokes at the pub, all with relatable jokes about how we all awkwardly deal with our lives.

Showing a few more nights at the Aberdeen, $15 you can’t go wrong!

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Amanda Rahim is a freelancer, homegrown Perthling and ultimate Fringe fanatic. From a family of musos and performers, her artistic passion has flourished into adulthood, where she now finds herself writing reviews - for you to get intimate with the out-there arts at FRINGE WORLD.

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