Fringefeed | 07 Feb 2020

Chris Henry – FLAIR

Full of energy, Chris Henry has given FRINGE WORLD another fantastic show, returning to Perth with his new performance titled FLAIR.

His innovative stand-up comedy act is not only hilarious, but has a lot of heart.

He covers issues such as suicide, homophobia, sexuality, racism, family dynamics and romantic relationship problems, while also making the audience laugh throughout the entire show.

Furthermore, he bravely shares very personal stories, inviting the audience into his life and on his journey of finding his own ‘flair’.

Henry puts extra effort into his show by customising it for his audience with Australian references and Perthisms specifically. For example, he mocks our traffic light laws, politics and local bars, which the audience loved. In doing so, he also gave a solid effort at the Australian accent and national slang. In addition, Henry makes various references to his Scottish homeland and cultural stereotypes.

His interaction and banter with the audience was great and he was wonderful at thinking on the spot, even when some people threw him curve balls in their responses. While Henry swears a lot, he is polite to his audience by not picking on people as some other comedians do.

The show needs some finessing, but Henry managed to entertain everyone even while checking his notes on the floor. He required no props to entertain the crowd, just his microphone and a bottle of beer in an intimate setting.

He ends with a hilarious 1990s dance routine and a strong message about being true to yourself and kind to others. Chris Henry is charismatic, crude and courageous. It is definitely worth seeing FLAIR!

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Jackie has a PhD in creative advertising and design. She teaches at the University of Western Australia, has published multiple books and critiques films for A-List Reviews. Other than talking and writing, she loves dancing, eating and travelling.

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