Fringefeed | 04 Feb 2020

Charlie Caper – Magical

Charlie Caper won Sweden’s Got Talent, but unlike his sleight of hand tricks, we can see how this talented illusionist pulled that one off.

He was just one part of last year’s La Soiree and now he returns to FRINGE WORLD with his own deserved solo show and even 50 minutes of his dazzling, baffling tricks does not seem like enough.

There is the staple card tricks, like finding a card out of a deck that was chosen randomly by an audience member, to the more elaborate and mind melting such as making multiple wine bottles appear seemingly from thin air to emptying then re-sealing a soda can and pouring a fresh drink.

With the audience in such close proximity to the performer in the less than 100-person capacity Casa Mondo venue and them able to see from virtually every angle without figuring it all out is mind blowing alone.

The delivery of sleight of hand can be impeccable but a huge part of the success of a show like this is the charm of the performer and Charlie Caper has oodles of that and he doesn’t need to pull it out of a hat either.

We all know that at times illusionists re-direct our attention to achieve their trick (Caper even jokes about it), but how no one ever saw how he got a melon onto the stage before revealing it as part of a trick will have me up at night for a while.

Caper is so adept at his craft that he makes you believe for a moment that maybe magic is actually real.


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Reviewed by Emma 2020

I loved the show!such brilliant magic tricks & illusions. Fun for the whole family! I would definitely see it again.

Reviewed by NC 2020