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Cathedral Cabaret

Set in the hushed and candle lit interior of St Georges Cathedral, Cathedral Cabaret presents an array of performances from acrobatics to Carnivale drumming.

Although marketed as a line-up of international performers, English host and MC Dr Ahmed was one of only two non-down-under residents.

With a natural stage presence and warm quick wit, Dr Ahmed’s hosting skills were the highlight of the night, second only to a brief appearance from the hysterically funny Frenchman Marcel Lucont. Unfortunately, that’s where the engaging part of the evening ended.

Aside from one other solo acrobat, the remainder of the performers were underwhelming and under rehearsed. From out of time drumming to juggling and hoops you’d find at a children’s party, I was left baffled and disheartened after the blazing start from Lucont.

My spirits were almost raised when a singer took to the stage, but alas, unless you have the vocal skills of Adele herself, performing three of her tunes consecutively is an unusual choice.

To her credit, her vocals were impressive, but the song choices were unnecessarily difficult and sombre for a cabaret show.

The show could have been taken as lighthearted and a chance for some local performers to have a crack at the stage, if it weren’t for the price point and it’s being billed as having an “international” line-up.

You simply cannot charge $55 for what felt like a community talent show – no matter how stunning the venue. What’s more the church pew audience seating meant your view was hindered unless you were seated in the first four rows.

I am all for diversity in performance and giving it a red hot go, but I felt disappointed on behalf of my fellow audience members.

On the bright side, I’m headed straight to Dr Ahmed and Marcel Lucont’s shows with a spring in my step.

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