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Cat Concerts

Bring on the cats! I was looking forward to the world premiere of Cat Concerts, relaxing back on cushions, cuddling kittens, and enjoying the promised coffee, whilst listening to live music.

What a great idea, it sounded perfect. I love cats and thought it would be an elegant combination with the beautiful baroque music.

The reality was different, and I felt misled.

I was uncomfortable with the high percentage of children, who took all the cushions, leaving the adults to sit around the edges and I was disappointed the cats weren’t free to wander and play with, or able to sit on our laps, for the concert.

The problem was there were only four cats to pass around to 55 people in 45 minutes. The cat wrangler suggested we could get five minutes each with one of the cats. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, as some people kept them longer, or kept passing them back to the children instead of around the audience.

This constant passing around was distracting, as we were all waiting for the opportunity to cuddle a kitten instead of relaxing and enjoying the music.

I did experience a moment of pure joy though when I managed to cuddle one of the kittens and the music was enchanting.

The Australian Baroque are new, but highly experienced musicians, using traditionally made instruments.

It was a clever marketing ploy joining up with the Cat Haven that unfortunately in my humble opinion missed the mark due to the lack of cats. Some lovely French Baroque pieces were performed, and it raised vital funds for the Cat Haven.

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As a cat lover and lover of baroque music, the opportunity to experience both at one go was attractive to me. It's not very often that you get the chance to listen to baroque music in Perth, let alone French baroque, so I was keen to attend and soak up some music.
At the beginning of the concert, the Cat Haven introduced themselves and explained that kittens were to be passed around the audience during the event. As can be imagined, the children present were excited at the prospect of cuddling a kitten.
Initially, I was not impressed with the basic set up (the event was held in a small room at the Subiaco Arts Centre), however once the music started I appreciated the intimate nature of the concert.
At the end I had a chance to speak to the musicians and marvel at their instruments. The stringed instrument (I think it is called the theobo) was rather impressive, having never seen or heard one played before. The Cat Haven gave some of the children (and adults) another chance to cuddle a kitten, and one of the kittens was adopted - success!
Listening to French baroque music played by Australian Baroque was heavenly and a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon, especially whilst holding a sweet little kitten.

Reviewed by Helen Kiselovski 2020

Kittens! Music! Kittens! A wonderful fusion of beautiful baroque music played on period instruments and the chance to stroke a kitten or two. What could be better?! A lovely intimate venue at Subiaco, sitting so close to the musicians was a real treat. The Cat Haven team looked after the kittens well and everyone managed to have a hold or a stroke. Please do it again!

Reviewed by Felix 2020