Fringefeed | 30 Jan 2020

Casting Off

Bold. Thought-provoking. Funny.

Casting Off, is an all-women, cross-generational circus show that challenges the stereotypes of women and ageing.

Produced by Cluster Arts and A Good Catch Circus, the 60-minute performance cleverly weaves together acrobatics and powerful dialogue about women and ageing: their identities, responsibilities and expectations and how society views them.

The show starts in a relaxed and playful manner with the artists (aged 21, 31, 42 and 60) dressed in colourful crochet costumes, chatting and joking around.

Just as the audience starts to settle in, they spontaneously jump atop haphazardly placed chairs and do handstands on each other’s shoulders while reciting their to-do lists (go to the shops, book a smear test, cook dinner, do a bowel cancer check, make time for romance).

The show then quickly moves into a joyous accumulation of heartfelt stories and lessons of women’s lives with the artists using comedic movement and balancing tricks to jump the conventional hurdles that may be thrown their way.

The circus skills are aplenty with handstands, balancing acts on chairs, tumbles and falls.

One of my favourite scenes is when one of the artists hilariously rides a tiny bicycle around the audience while balancing on her head with a balloon between her legs.

This is a show you are going to want to bring your mum to!

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These women are wonderful to watch - they support each other physically in a way only people who trust each other absolutely could do. Their storytelling makes you think, they perform amazing feats of strength, and while there are utterances that suggest sadness and trauma, the show is very uplifting. And they are funny!

Reviewed by Rooberry 2020

Loved it! Clever, funny, thought provoking, and seriously ateong and talented women

Reviewed by Liz 2020