Fringefeed | 16 Feb 2018

Card Ninja

Despite what the name suggests, this is not a magic show, don’t let Jarquin fool you otherwise. Instead it’s a show with lots of cards, ‘get psyched’ music, nervous audience participation, and of course, ninjas.

The show follows Jarquin as he completes the trials required to officially become a ninja, with nothing more than a pack of cards.

Creating fans to block sword blows, confounding his enemies with his tricks, and shooting cards across the room, we were kept entertained as cards flew about the venue.

A very personable entertainer, Jarquin kept us laughing and cheering for him as he worked his way through the trials, with the assistance of audience participants who weren’t overly thrilled at getting cards pelted at them with enough force to pierce the skin of a watermelon.

Subverting what we think you should be able to do with a pack of cards, Jarquin works his way through the trials of Distance, Control, and Speed, as well a few others (I can’t reveal all the secrets of being a ninja).

Regaling us with tales of impressing women with his card tricks (or at least trying to impress them), he also talked us through growing up wanting to be a ninja and how he trained and learned the skills necessary to be a card ninja (and whether karate is even useful in fighting).

To add a little something extra to the show, Jarquin also uses the audience as his DJ, selecting a member at random (within reach of the AUX cable of course), to provide audio for the show.

This is a great chance to see him work hard to match whatever beat he’s given, as well as provide a few laughs at whatever the guest DJ can supply.

Definitely a great night out and a good choice for anyone who enjoys cards, kick-ass ninja skills or just needs a couple of laughs. Highly recommend bringing your own eye protection though.

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Amy Kapernick

Amy is a freelance developer, who spends her time volunteering at various community events in Perth, works as an evangelist for YOW! and is a Twilio Champion. In her spare time, she blogs about tech, the web and life and speaks at various conferences all over the world.

Ticket Price $35

End Date 18 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $35
  • End Date 18 Feb 2018
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