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Captain Spaceship: The Return Of Captain Spaceship

Ever wanted to stow away on a spaceship and explore the galaxy with a bunch of wacky cowboy adventurers? Captain Spaceship: The Return Of Captain Spaceship is an untameable extravaganza filled to the gills with sci-fi nerdiness, comedy, and raw humanity.

As a long form improvised comedy, Captain Spaceship is unlike any other show you’re likely to see at FRINGE WORLD, in fact tonight’s performance will be different from the last.

Modeled on some of the most popular sci-fi movie and tv shows and employing some of the genres best loved tropes the “second season” of Captain Spaceship comes complete with strong characters, set objectives, and established conflicts.

While each “episode” has a shape before you enter in true improv style it’s the suggestions and reactions of the audience that bring these episodic frames to life. What scientific discoveries will the crew unearth tonight and which anomalies will they face? That’s for the audience to decide.

A bold captain (Esther Longhurst), a snarky doctor (Shane Adamczak), and a befuddled android (Daniel Buckle) make up the backbone of the Captain Spaceship crew while a star studded list of special guests keeps everyone on their toes.

The team at Weeping Spoons Productions works hard to find the best and brightest improv actors to saunter aboard including local greats like Hannah Rice, Jessica Messenger and Alica Osyka. While every night is different you can be sure you’re in safe hands with this crew. Even though space might be full of…well…empty space the imaginations and performances by the cast of Captain Spaceship: The Return Of Captain Spaceship fills it with wonder, nonsense, genius, and laughter.

Of course the actors don’t work alone and the masterful musical and sound effect accompaniment of Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd is as playful and structural as the suggestions from the cast on stage.

While not everything that glitters is aurum it is a joy to witness these performers work together and struggle to complete impossible tasks. If you can suspend your disbelief and accept that the journey is as important as the destination, then this show is a delight.

Captain Spaceship’s space moxie will expand horizons and split sides long after lift-off.

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Michael Nield

Michael Nield is captivated by theatre, circus, and dance. Having studied contemporary performance in Perth and New York, he is dedicated to exploring new stories and storytelling forms. Michael is excited to be joining FRINGE WORLD to share unexpected and exceptional shows with the people of Perth.

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The improvisers who collect around Perth's version of The Big Hoo Haa have become a pretty amazing ensemble. Long form impro is incredibly difficult but they have the CHOPS. This is a nightly sci fi show, and each time I've seen it (they run it off festival too), it's been a well-rounded story with the kind of gags you imagine it'd take a scripted show MONTHS to write. There is a consistent series narrative, but that just enhances each episode, which you can pop into as easily as a DVD of Star Trek TNG. Sci-fi nerds will find heaps to love here, but there are gags galore for pretty much anyone; I've been a few times now and I've never taken anyone with me who hasn't laughed themselves stupid, I'll put it that way.

Reviewed by Tomás Ford 2020