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Captain Spaceship: Maiden Voyage

Captain Spaceship: Maiden Voyage is a boisterous, clever and sometimes downright whacky interstellar adventure that’s sure to please lovers of all things sci-fi.

The crew of the SS Space Spaceship (affectionately known as the 4S) delivers a fine-tuned pilot episode of good old-fashioned intrigue, adventure and of course drama, replete with advanced gizmo technology, time warps and even a few of dinosaurs.

The show begins with the all too familiar voiceover and introduction of the crew.

We meet the Captain, a natural born leader who doesn’t take BS from anyone.

There’s Dr Logic, whose talents at healing are only eclipsed by the newly appointed medic robot, superior in intellect, surgical skill and baking.

There’s also the muscles of the group, Vasilov, who can fix anything but spends more time cradling his space gun.

Throw in a redshirt, a spaceship computer that speaks in a laconic Aussie drawl, a villain in a top hat and his evil sidekick, and you’ve got a recipe for a delicious space adventure that’s got all the ingredients from your favourite sci-fi series.

Early on the audience is asked to choose a number of themes that the troupe has to weave into the storyline, and half the fun is trying to figure out how they’ll fold the elements smoothly into the plot.

Although an improv show, the earlier scenes appear mostly scripted and serve to develop the characters.

Although it would’ve been good to see the Captain and Vasilov’s characters developed further, some hilarious interactions ensue, particularly between the two would-be doctors on board the ship.

Ultimately, the show’s charm lies in the way the crew tries to extricate itself from sticky situations with seemingly impossible plot twists – think double body swap – that stretch the brain and leave you head-scratching.

Yet press on they do, evading villainous schemes, powerful alien creatures that look strangely like librarians, and an empty gas tank, to ensure their maiden voyage is a success.

So go on, join the adventure and help the crew navigate the perilous, thrilling outer limits of improv to go where no comedians have gone before.

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Mikhalina Dombrovskaya

Since moving to Perth, the abundant sunshine, pristine beaches and sizzling antics of FRINGE WORLD have kept Mikhalina nourished and endlessly entertained. A lover of all things quirky and mind-bendy, and with a passion for writing, she hopes her reviews will entice even the shyest of critters to venture beyond the known and embrace FRINGE WORLD.

Ticket Price 20 - 22

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 20 - 22
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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