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CANDY GIRLS: Sweet OR Sour? is an interactive, all-female circus act that combines music, comedy, dancing, slapstick, choreographed routines and circus performances into a high quality, fast paced and well-crafted show that will provide laughs for kids and entertainment for adults.

Candy Girls features three of Australia’s top female circus artists and accordionist Nikki Dagostino. The Candy Girls present themselves as sweeter than candy, but this all dancing, all smiling circus act doesn’t always get along, which often leads to pranks and shenanigans that will have the audience in hysterics.

The Candy Girls are a highly accomplished team of performers who know how to capture the attention of a crowd. The girls resemble old time swing dancers in their candy-striped outfits and are all smiles for the crowd at first, but when things start to turn a little bit sour, their act becomes more like the Three Stooges, with a little bit of Cirque Du Soleil thrown in for extra fun.

CANDY GIRLS: Sweet OR Sour? was designed to be an entertaining and comical show that would appeal to people of all ages. The Candy Girls are Mums themselves and have gone to extra effort to create a show that is not just fun for kids, but is enjoyable for people of all ages as well. I really appreciated that. We were treated to a lot of silliness in the show, with tricks featuring hula hoops, juggling, balancing and prop comedy that got a lot of smiles and shrieks of laughter from the audience.

Nikki Dagostino was excellent on the accordion. She played everything from 1950’s swing, to Rock n’ Roll to Heavy Metal during the show. Her music added a lot of character and humour and gave a Yakety Sax vibe to the performance. Her music paired with the comedic antics of the Candy Girls reminded me of those old silent movies that featured slapstick comedy and were accompanied by organists or someone on the piano.

CANDY GIRLS: Sweet OR Sour? is not to be missed.

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Awesome show, we went tiwh 2 8yr olds and we all had a blast. Great to see the performers having so much fun!!

Reviewed by Gavin Corfield 2020

My 4yo liked it.
My 7yr old and myself.. not so much!

Reviewed by Dee 2020