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Can I Get An Amen?!

By Melanie Griffiths on 14 Feb 2018

Can I Get An Amen?! Yeh? Nah? How about a definite ‘Yeh!’. This is a cracker of a show proving that the second half of FRINGE WORLD has many jewels still to offer. Kaitlyn Rogers is a Gaulier trained clown, comedian and self-appointed minister who is here to teach Perth for the first time the wisdom of Whoopi Goldberg, Shannon Noll and RuPaul.

The show is a rollicking affair and possibly unlike any church sermon you’ve ever sat through. Rogers stood as the quintessential girl from Queensland with her crimped hair, clomping around in her dad’s runners, and a leopard jumpsuit possibly found on the bottom of Poison’s tour bus. Rogers is here to teach you about the sass and how to claim the sass.

Through some very energetic interpretative dancing and some highly priceless rapping Rogers stirred up the crowd using 90s nostalgia making the night feel more like a Sunday morning at a Baptist church in Atlanta.

There is a certain level of audience interaction required and tonight’s crowd were completely charmed by Rogers off-the-wall and uninhibited frolicking on stage which was not just hilarious but also full of joy.

So if you go, and I highly recommend you do, go in with a drink in hand to toast and an open mind to just have fun with where Roger takes you.

There is a point to this madness and by show’s end the audience understood that there is more to her show than just garnering a few laughs. There is actually a lot of heart and love from Rogers who clearly wants to connect in a meaningful way with the audience.

For a first night, it was an impressively tight show that highlighted Rogers quirky, mad-hatter talents and ability to roll with the punches with the unpredictability of involving the audience, making her someone to keep a close eye on.

18 Feb 2018
The Palace Society
The Palace Society at Laneway Palace
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Melanie Griffiths

Melanie Griffiths

Melanie is a writer, reviewer and fierce advocate for the growing vibrancy of Perth. For the last several years she has worked in the music media as a reviewer, and brings those skills to the FRINGE WORLD media team once more.

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