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By A Thread


As an honest reviewer I need to make a confession: I regret seeing so many mesmerising and mind-blowing shows at Fringe because now I act like a spoilt 5 year old crown-princess. I want it all including the Fairy Godmother and the carriage that turns back into a pumpkin at midnight.

I suspect this is the reason why I feel slightly annoyed after watching By A Thread.

The six performing acrobats are all visually engaging, talented and trained circus practitioners. They have performed fiercely at an arms length away from their crowd at the Big Top at The Woodside Pleasure Garden.

Every element was present for the magic to happen.

As we were seated the performance space felt intimate and we saw six artists slowly emerging from the darkness. The rope was the lifeline that held them together.

The music was slow and dark. It remained like that for a good while. My mind was longing to find any kind of story line to follow, my eyes were looking to identify characters but the efforts were unsuccessful.

Never mind, I found plenty to keep myself busy with so I gradually gave up finding that cohesive something.

The sheer physical beauty of the acrobatics and the aerial tricks’ level of difficulty made it worthwhile to be an audience member.

I cherished the parts of “By a thread” when performers actually showed their joy of flexing, holding, skipping and jumping and all the unbelievable movements they could do. The night lifted when the sketches became lighter, filled with humour and playfulness.

It is a good show, I enjoyed most of it and it progressed in every sense during the hour. Would I say it is a great show? Well that would be a statement hanging by a thread.

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Review by Anna Wann on 16 Feb 2018

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