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Buzzy Beats – Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours

If you love having a boogie at the silent disco, Guru Dudu is the show for you! Supplying all your favourite 70s, 80s, and 90s hits, Guru Dudu takes you on a BUZZING silent disco walking tour journey around the streets of Northbridge, giving you the freedom to let loose and have a hoot of a time to your favourite tunes!

The simplicity of the concept was what made this show work so well. A pair of wireless headphones connected to some sick beats whilst Guru Dudu guides you around town making you feel like you’re living in a disco. There was no way you couldn’t have a blast! The joy we had was infectious and the audience I was a part of was awesome. We had older folks, younger folks, people with two left feet and everyone in-between. We had a real care free energy about ourselves and what we were doing which made the whole experience 10x more awesome. I can imagine lots of people feeling really vulnerable in this sort of situation, and even I did at first, but once we got going there was no stopping us.

A great moment of the tour was when Michael Jackson’s song Can You Feel It played. As a group, we’d be singing and dancing around, and then Guru Dudu would walk up to people on the street saying we would like to ask them a question, then, crowding around we’d all let out a massive out of tune “CAN YOU FEEL IT”, which placed rather large smiles on everyone’s faces!

You don’t have to enjoy audience participation to be part of this show. Guru Dudu creates a space for you to be as involved or as silent as you like whilst still feeling part of the show.

It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s easy, it’ll put a smile on everyone’s face, and you may even work up a bit of a sweat. Who doesn’t love a spontaneous choir flash mob singing their hearts out in the middle of Yagan Square?

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Ticket Price $26

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $26
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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