Fringefeed | 09 Feb 2018

Butt Kapinski

Oh man. Truly a one of a kind, newfangled art form even considering FRINGE WORLD’s reputation for the absurd.

The potential of it being an ‘interactive show’ deterred my family and friends so I went alone, fearing I would be outnumbered without having a pal to laugh at myself with.

Fortunately, I was profoundly wrong. And for that I have as much the artist as I do the wonderful audience from that night to thank.

We welcomed everyone with warm laughter and outright cries at each other’s foolishness but open-minded participation under Butt Kapinsky’s creaking portable lighting apparatus.

For her show, award-winning Deanna Fleysher boasts, “no seat is safe”. You enter her domain where she is king, queen, servant and jester all in one. And wow, does she rule.

This show is silly, comical, amazing fun and better than anyone who’s never witnessed it could ever know. I strongly urge (those that are happy to engage in extravagant behaviour) you to see this masterpiece. It was the hardest I’ve laughed and most outraged – in the most fabulous way – I’ve ever been simultaneously.

If you’re unsure, go along, forget your inhibitions for an hour and enjoy yourself. That’s all everyone else is doing.

And with Fleysher to marvel at, everything is worth it. There were a few mishaps and intentional or not, they fit in well with the theme of off brand, unconventional detective.

Warning: be a good sport but don’t push yourself, Fleysher is a good judge of character and is able to tell how far she can bring you into the world of her show so don’t fret if all you want to do is make a silly face and still enjoy the experience.

A definite must see but get in quick because her shows are selling out. I went alone but judging from the post show conversations it’s an experience to be shared with friends. So take along your most outgoing.

If you enjoy heavily sexual overtones, infectious audience interaction and an all round incredible night, my goodness is Butt Kapinsky for you.

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Ticket Price $30 - $33

End Date 17 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $30 - $33
  • End Date 17 Feb 2018
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