Fringefeed | 29 Jan 2020

BurLEZque: Spellbound

Burlezque – they are the granddaughters of the witches unburnt.

Perth’s first all-queer burlesque troupe have gone from strength to strength since they formed 18 months ago, having a two night FRINGE WORLD run last year, winning a weekly cabaret award, before expanding to Yagan Square for an entire week in 2020.

Spellbound is next level. There is no sugar coating needed, this is an absolute must see. This is a show fizzing with so much creativity and energy, that catching it even at full price is a bargain.

The costuming and make up are equal to anything you will see from Hollywood. And, this being burlesque, the tear-aways and reveals are stunning in their execution. The music choices are inspired, going from the latest Grammy winners, to 19th Century orchestral pieces, to bass-lines so deep they’ll devour souls, without skipping a beat.

Veruca Sour, Miss Burlesque Western Australia 2017, may as well be body-painted onto her song choice, her musicality is that well aligned. But every single artist has theatricality in spades. There was no time on stage where there wasn’t something (or someone) mesmerising, raunchy, powerful, wicked, or ethereal.

And as perfect as the music and costuming are, the transitions are somehow, some goodness knows how, even better. It must be witchcraft. Ginger LaMinge is the consummate story teller, so accomplished in her role that at one stage, she didn’t want her between act patter with the audience to end. Neither did the audience.

And what can one say about Bettie Bombshell, Miss Burlesque Australia 2019. Your reigning queen. There are entire cities that lack the wow factor of just one of Bombshell’s arched eyebrows.

Her closing act is electrifying. In an hour that was already a literal thunderstorm of talent, with lightning crashing for multiple acts, the cheering and applause bringing the house down.

As well, there is a message of inclusivity, diversity, empowerment, and queerness. Subtle at times, very loud and comedic at others. LaMinge asks the audience at one point, “Join us”.

In an instant. In a heartbeat.

Someone get this show on tour, immediately.

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Paul Meek

Voted Best Audience Member, Lady Velvet Cabaret 2019, Paul is a fixture of the Perth burlesque, cabaret, and circus scenes. He has attended more FRINGE WORLD shows than he's cooked hot dinners. From suburban newcomers to global headliners in Vegas, Paul has literally seen it all. Surprisingly, his first year reviewing.

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Amazing show with great choreography and costumes!

Reviewed by Ryan 2020

Safe to say that this is the most cohesive burlesque troupe in Perth.
The theatrical elements to both the performances and costumes really took this show to another level.
Professionalism A+
Looking forward to the next one!

Reviewed by Ryan S McNally 2020