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Bumble Me Tinders

Every young single person traversing the intimidating world of relationships and dating has got a few online dating stories up their sleeve.

More specifically, stories relating to Tinder and Bumble, two catalogue-like dating apps.

Bumble Me Tinders, presented by the USA’s own Patrick Melton, is a tapas board of bad advice, audience games, and hilarious personal anecdotes presented by a different comedian each night of its run.

Wednesday night introduced the boisterous and quick-witted Tor Snyder, who held back nothing as she regaled the audience with her stories of Tinder hookups, bad dates, and a running gag of eating donuts off of…. well.

The biggest draw of Bumble Me Tinder is without a doubt its promise of audience interaction.

The room is set up in a very intimate space, with seats pressed as close to the tiny stage as possible.

The comedians were well-versed in insult comedy, calling out audience members throughout in a way that was entertaining as well as hilarious.

The comedians are adept at making fun of the audience, but most importantly, adept at making fun of themselves.

Audience participation in this show ranges from questionnaires, personal audience stories, and an “dating game”.

The comedians kept the pace up from start to finish. The only problem with constant audience participation is the possibility for over eager audience members, as demonstrated at last night’s performance when one drunk patron sitting at the front kept loudly interrupting the show.

The two comedians handled the situation as best they could, but when the show relies on audience participation, sometimes the bad can outweigh the good and they cannot put a stop to it.

However, this blip was barely a detractor from the endearing vulgarity and hilariousness of the show at large. With the promise of every night being uniquely different, Bumble Me Tinders is a worthy show to see, with laughs and fun guaranteed.

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Ticket Price $21

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $21
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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