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Brewed Laughter – Beer Tasting With A Comedian

This is a review from the 2018 season. This show is returning in 2019.

Have you ever wondered how many litres of beer are consumed during Oktoberfest?

Or perhaps you would like to learn more about the world record for the longest hangover, or how much beer was consumed to cause it? Well, all it takes to find out is a passion for all things beer and a ticket to Brewed Laughter.

The Red Room at Creatures Next Door is an exclusive space decorated with a touch of circus carnival. It’s an ideal venue for FRINGE WORLD and beer lovers, who have entered the space for a one-hour beer tasting bonanza.

Two seasoned comedians graced the stage and the first of five beer tastings was poured. The comedians read tasting notes to the audience, adding humour and a touch of trivia, with prizes (in the form of more beer, of course) for those whose beer knowledge excelled.

The venue seemed full, with tables of different sizes covering the floor space. This meant that it took some time for each beer tasting to be delivered, but banter and laughter filled the gaps well.

The waitstaff were working hard to deliver tastings to each table to coincide with the comedian’s tasting notes, but there were times when tables were inadvertently missed – it wasn’t a huge issue, but it did impact on the audience’s engagement.

The audience often started chatting among themselves, unfortunately drowning out the sound of the comedians. Part way through the show, half of the room informed the comedians that one of the speakers wasn’t working.

This just added to the disengagement and the constant chatter.

All in all, the evening held good banter and the event concept definitely worked. The room had a great atmosphere, but it would benefit from being held at a more intimate location, where the comedians could be more interactive and better engage with the audience.

Brewed Laughter – Beer Tasting With A Comedian is showing at The Lucky Shag Waterfront bar on Saturday, February 17 and 24 and The Red Room at Creatures Next Door on Friday, February 23.

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Gemma is a communications specialist with a passion for road trips, sunshine and the perfect cheese and wine pairing. When she’s not at the office or busy completing her bucket list degree in writing and literature, she’s a strong advocate for local bars and live music.

Ticket Price $25

End Date 16 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25
  • End Date 16 Feb 2018
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