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Brat Kids Carnival

Brat Kids Carnival is a high energy, colourful show that combines loud music, dancing, circus skills, acrobatics, clowning antics and cabaret to create a fun-filled FRINGE WORLD show that will delight adults and children alike.

The atmosphere was buzzing with excited whispers when we entered the Rechabite’s Hall at the Rechabite. The stage was lit with spotlights and the backdrop draped in a glittering golden sheet. The room was filled with small children and their families.

A man dressed in a glittering, sequin covered suit strolled into view and asked us if we had seen his monkey. He could not start the show until he found his monkey. There were shrieks and giggles as a man dressed as a monkey stepped into a spotlight, peeled open a banana, and then sat down in the audience. There were smiles among the adults in the room as children stood up in their seats and began pointing over at the Monkey Man, shouting in excitement, “There he is! Over there!” An afternoon of mischief was about to begin.

Brats Kids Carnival was one of the best children’s FRINGE WORLD shows that I have seen in years. It is a variety/cabaret show for children that blends audience interaction, song and dance, comedy, feats of strength, circus skills and acrobatics into a show that will stun and delight people of all ages. I was so captivated with the skills and physical strength of the performers.

The tricks they performed were outstanding and had people gasping, shrieking and filling the room with rapturous applause. I enjoyed the show so much I would even go as far as to recommend it to friends of mine who do not have children, I was that impressed with the quality of the performance.

Recommended for children between 4 and 14 years of age.

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