Fringefeed | 27 Jan 2020

Brass Monkeys

Have you ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Brass Monkeys just might be Option A!

This 45-minute extravaganza presented by Kyle Raftery and April Dawson (or ‘Jason and Kylie’) is a feast for the senses and an absolute must-see at this year’s FRINGE WORLD.

There’s something about being inside the Big Top that excites and delights. Childhood memories of the circus, weird clowns, loud noises, laughter and fun. You won’t find any weird clowns here: you’ll find something much, much better.

The Melbourne-based duo of Raftery and Dawson use the huge Big Top space to full effect, showcasing their incredible acrobatic skills both on the ground and in the air, without once missing a beat.

Their clever use of music, colourful costumes and set design added to the magic of the experience.

The premise of the show – that with practise comes mastery – is a brief yet important touch on the increasingly important concept of ‘Growth Mindset’ on which so much of our Education system focuses.

Through dialogue, song and unbelievable acrobatic stunts, ‘Jason and Kylie’ teach that even though you might not be able to play the trumpet/do the splits/drive a car yet, if it can be learned, you can learn it eventually, through dedicated practise.

The narrative is simple and succinct, allowing for numerous displays of both musical and acrobatic mastery and a healthy dose of audience participation.

Do yourself a favour: get your clapping hands, your stomping feet and your little drummers ready, and head on down and catch Brass Monkeys.

About the Author

Amy Hall

Amy is a children's music performer and specialist music teacher with extensive local and overseas performance experience. She is passionate about sharing her love of the arts with the community, and regularly volunteers her services as a musician for events and organisations that are close to her heart.

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The kids loved all 45 minutes of them!

Reviewed by Sabiqah Bahrom 2020