Fringefeed | 06 Feb 2019

Boy Zoned

Get ready to relive the 90’s in this energetic, fun take on the boy band era. There are the outfits, the hair, the drama, the rivalry and overinflated egos, the singing, the dancing, the singing and dancing.

Prepare to be Boy Zoned, a performance where every band member is sporting a two-letter name and enough ambition to make it to the stars and beyond.

They’ve come to – what’s the place called again? Oh yeah, Perth! – as part of their huge and massive world tour to perform for you.

Boy Zoned gyrate onto the stage with high energy moves, plenty of cheeky smiles, side winks, and polished poses.

Charged and fast paced, the show is about the (almost rise) and fall of the group, as band members struggle through personal and collective challenges to make it to the top.

Boy Zoned is more of a comedy play with dialogue that segues into occasional song and dance, which despite taking more air time than the actual songs, gives the characters a depth few boy bands have managed to historically achieve.

There’s the confident lead singer, the lady killer who’s out to take the lead, the cute but slow member of the group, and the amicable peacemaker. The performances are witty and tightly scripted, stamped with trademark boy band charm.

The songs are the highlight of the show, with Boy Zoned giving each number its own unique twist.

As Long As You Love Me is dedicated to a certain charismatic Aussie politician, I’ll Make Love To You gets a remake as an instructional piece for those wanting to spice things up, and Step by Step becomes a battleground for unchecked egos.

The choreography sticks to the original 90’s dance videos and the guys deliver some pretty rad moves.

The finale, though not of traditional boy band extraction, is a reminder of how karma can finally catch up to us.

Ever hopeful of achieving stardom with their dazzling good looks and huge and massive stage presence, Boy Zoned finally get a taste of their own medicine in this hilarious, humbling dance number.

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Mikhalina Dombrovskaya

Since moving to Perth, the abundant sunshine, pristine beaches and sizzling antics of FRINGE WORLD have kept Mikhalina nourished and endlessly entertained. A lover of all things quirky and mind-bendy, and with a passion for writing, she hopes her reviews will entice even the shyest of critters to venture beyond the known and embrace FRINGE WORLD.

Ticket Price 20 - 25

End Date 10 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 20 - 25
  • End Date 10 Feb 2019
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