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Your favourite FRINGE WORLD Festival bogans are back and better than ever. You may already be familiar with the story line of Romeo and Juliet but you have never seen it like this before.

Set in the heart of Ellenbrook, we meet two feuding families with an all too familiar grudge. One family are Dockers supporters and the other family are Eagles fans. Such footy rivalry complicates the blossoming love of our star-crossed lovers (and that’s the Southern Cross for ya). Which side will you be rooting for?

Our beloved bogans capture the audience in this fast-paced tale of forbidden love. Dressed in flannos and thongs with thick Australian accents, they bring Shakespeare to life with a modern twist. Forget sword fights- that’s so 1500’s. In this satirical rendition, the characters settle their differences with double-pluggers and a few swear words thrown into the mix.

You’ll watch as Romeo serenades Juliet with a rap version of Shakespeare’s poetry. You might cringe as they seal their love with matching tattoos. You’ll feel moved as our lovers take their lives too soon and meet their deaths in a rather compromising position.

Bogan Shakespeare will bring you romance and tragedy, with a good dose of laughs along the way. This is Shakespeare that speaks to your everyday Australian.

Expect hilarious Aussie references, with plenty of tinnies, Tim Tams and tramp stamps.

It may bring back memories of high school English classes, but I bet you wished your earlier encounters with the Bard were this entertaining.

If you don’t mind some cheeky stereotypes, then you’ll love this crowd-pleasing FRINGE WORLD Festival favourite. With tongue in cheek humour, this clever interpretation of a Shakespeare classic is sure to tickle your funny bone. So go on and give it a burl maaate.

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Review by Nora Ball on 02 Feb 2019

Nora is a big fan of Fringe Festival, it’s her favourite time of year. During the day she works in an IVF clinic as a pharmacist and is a mum to a 1 year old girl. She is also a team member and blogger for Instagram page @loveperthlife.