Fringefeed | 20 Jan 2020

Bite Club

This is part cabaret, part club, all party. It’s a late-night home for the wild, the weird and the whacky with this fringe acts ever-changing line-up.

If you are looking to finish off your FRINGE WORLD night right then this is definitely the late-night party you want to be at.

Dj Aunty Johnny welcomes you to the party and this music is meant to be danced to. So while waiting for what the evening had In-store we did just that. Boogied.

The unique Swedish Laser circus Sirqus Alfon gave us a glimpse into their amazing show.

We were treated to New York City cabaret royalty Tanya Cagne, riding in on an aerial horse saddle apparatus. It was a wild ride.

The cheeky boys from Briefs also entertained with their superb talents.

There was not a weak act in the entire show.

With so many shows on offer Bite Club is a great show to give you a taste of FRINGE WORLD.  After seeing the amazing acts I now have more shows I want to see.

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Leanne McLoughlin

A FRINGE WORLD veteran, mother of one, and lover of all things weird and wonderful. It all started with one visit to a show at Fringe, 5 years later I'm reviewing shows to hopefully motivate those new to Fringe or just help those who are interested in seeing something different.

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Expected a night of fun-filled entertainment. Got two 5-minute performances in the space of two hours, which was disappointing considering tickets were nearly $20.

Reviewed by Kate 2020

The show was very unorganised. We waited 30 minutes to get into the venue then we weren't sure whether to sit or stand. Then after 20 minutes of customers not knowing what to do but dance to the dj, there were 2 short acts that lasted 5 minutes. Then were told that the next act wasn't for another 30 minutes. This was honestly a waste of time and money. It was sold to me as a cabaret/circus show and that just wasn't what we got. I would not recommend.

Reviewed by Martika 2020