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Best of Edinburgh Kids Comedy

The children in the room cupped their hands in front of their mouths and giggled as all of the fathers in the audience were encouraged to stand up and dance in front of everyone.

Best of Edinburgh Kids Comedy is a multi-award winning, sell out children’s comedy show fresh from Edinburgh Fringe that will have adults and children in the audience laughing so hard they will be bent over in stitches.

Best of Edinburgh Kids Comedy had some of the best audience interaction I have ever seen. The comedians got adults and children standing up in their seats and dancing, asking questions, and getting really involved with the show.

I felt a little bit bad for the comedians at times. I’ve been to a lot of comedy shows, but never one for children before. The children in that room were rowdier than a room full of drunks. There were kids interrupting the comedians routines to tell their own jokes, but the comedians rolled with it. They had jokes ready to fire back at the kids, which triggered a lot of laughter.

The comedians even encouraged some of the kids to roast them, which resulted in a lot of hilarious name calling on both sides. With the exception of a couple of jokes that fell flat, the humour in the show was very appropriate for children, and got a lot of laughs out of both children and adults.

There were jokes about pooping in lunch boxes, working in fast food restaurants, and getting beat up at school, all told in hilarious accents.

Best of Edinburgh Kids Comedy was a fun, delightful children’s show. It has received glowing reviews from critics and has been selling out shows ever since 2011. It is recommended for children between 5 and 16 years of age.

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Suitable for Under 10s

Reviewed by Melissa 2020

As an adult, I didn't expect to laugh so much at a kids comedy show.

Less poo and fart jokes than I expected (thankfully), and a few references that only the adults got (which I think is a must for any kids show that needs a guardian present), and genuine belly laughs had by all ages in attendance.

Kids are a TOUGH CROWD and they laughed the whole way through. A few jokes weren't understood by some of the younger audience members, but not so many that they weren't comprehending and enjoying the majority of the show.

Loved that each comedian had a different style for their 10-15 minute set. The hour went by very fast, culminating in a giggle inducing balloon twisting comedy act.

Reviewed by Trae 2020