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Best of British

Best of British is one of those shows that, as a pom myself, is always going to entertain and engage its target audience.

It is a winning formula; four comedians in 60 minutes (technically five if you include MC Dan Willis), it is a solid introduction to Fringe World comedy, allowing for audiences to experiment and see which artists’ comedic avenues are most compatible with their own.

Following a warm welcome from MC Dan Willis and some practical advice on audience heckling etiquette, the opening act of the night Ian Coppinger set the bar high, despite being a modest 5 ft 2 inches.

As is entirely appropriate for a day where we are celebrating all things Aussie, Ian sustained big laughs with his observational comedy, drawing parallels between Ireland and Australia.

Jokes included the gentle twitting and tweeting of Irish sparrows juxtaposed against our raucous native crows and cockatoos, as well as highlighting the subtle irony of the name Darwin, (after being underwhelmed by the lack of evolution in the NT).

The next performer, young, confident, dreadlocked Rory Lowe did his best to keep audiences tittering through relaying anecdotes where he was quite literally the butt of the joke, but again it was the Irish comedians who were in top form.

Third comedian John Lynn immediately connected with the room through masterful, audience-led and engaging storytelling, involving inevitable comical intimacies with a tandem-skydive instructor.

The final, headline act was bearded Mancunian Steve Harris. Steve managed to sustain the laughs through poking fun at married life and Weightwatchers meetings, but the audience didn’t respond quite as energetically as they did to the previous acts of the night. However, I’m personally more forgiving to anyone sporting a Rick and Morty t-shirt.

Best of British is keeping audiences entertained in its original home at the Court nightclub until February 25.

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Danielle Rock is a Fringe fanatic. She has a BA in English and works in International Education, though at the moment it’s all #motherhood. Besides being a full-time children’s entertainer and excelling in her role as chief toy-picker-uperer, she loves singing and strumming badly, giving into wanderlust and correcting people’s grammar.

Ticket Price $25 -

End Date 16 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $25 -
  • End Date 16 Feb 2019
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