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Bella Green Is Charging For It

There is no question that Bella Green has some wild stories. Or that the audience responded to them in a big way as the comedian discussed her varied career in gentlemen’s clubs, dungeons, brothels, call centres and more.

Speaking with casual charisma between skits on strip club DJ etiquette and hard-boiled tax fraud, Green undoubtedly achieved her goal of destigmatising and demystifying sex work. And, in this way, Charging For It feels genuinely important.

Unfortunately, the show also feels unfinished. It posed some interesting questions at the outset which it ultimately circled back to, but the 50 minutes in between felt disjointed and distracted.

Transitions between stand up and skits were clunky, with the audience waiting in silence as Green reset or struggled into a trench coat.

During more elaborate costume changes, text conversations between Green and her clients were projected onto a screen. It was another entertaining peek behind the curtain of the sex industry, but it was also difficult to read.

While confident, Green’s performance occasionally felt as if she were simply reciting the script.

Despite this, I was never bored during Charging For It. Just a little confused at times.

Green did warm up as the show progressed, delving into the topics of mental health and relationships with genuine heart.

Again, she has some great stories and she discusses the topic of sex work in a candid and charismatic way.

And I would recommend this show to anyone who’s curious about the sex industry and the lives of its workers based on this alone.

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Sam is a Welsh writer and editor currently based in Perth. He has a Master’s in Creative Writing from Aberystwyth University and currently works with online magazine, Isolated Nation. He spends his free time doing nerdy things and quietly trying to guess how films are going to end.

Ticket Price 18 - 22

End Date 17 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price 18 - 22
  • End Date 17 Feb 2019
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