Fringefeed | 18 Jan 2020

Behind the Curtain

Have you ever wanted a behind the scenes look at your favourite Fringe acts? Behind the Curtain will satisfy your curiosity. This FRINGE WORLD Festival experience provides a unique insight into the magic of Fringe.

In an intimate setting, the artists share their tricks of the trade. From burlesque to circus and stand-up comedy, there is something for everyone. You will have the opportunity to learn from the best in these interactive workshops.

In our session, distinguished performer Sandrinha Barbosa dazzled us with the upbeat rhythms of Samba. She took us on a colourful journey through Rio Carnival, sharing her passion for her art form. With buoyant music and dance moves, Sandrinha was a delight to watch. The energy in the room was captivating.

Best of all, you have the option to be a part of the show. We were swept up into the spirit of Brazilian Carnival, getting out of our seats and into a conga line. As we danced the samba, the workshop culminated in a lively finish. You couldn’t help but notice the smiles in the audience.

If you are curious to learn from the experts, there are several other Behind the Curtain workshops. From 23rd to 26th January, Lola Cherry Cola will be teaching the art of tease in Burlesque. Award winning circus group Kinetica are giving a sneak-peak into circus life from 30th January to 2nd of February. Week 4 will have Pierre Ulric provide an intriguing look into the world of magic tricks from the 6th February to 9th February. Finally, Jon Pinder will be rounding up the festival with a unique insight into stand-up comedy from 13th February to 16th February.

If you consider yourself a Fringe fanatic, this is your chance to have an exclusive glimpse into what makes up a FRINGE WORLD Festival performance. You might even walk away with some new skills or party tricks to relive the spirit of Fringe for years to come.

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Nora Ball

When she’s not busy working as an IVF pharmacist or being a mum, Nora loves doing new things that live up to her nickname of ‘Nora the Explorer’. She is passionate about her city and helps run an Instagram page @loveperthlife. Nora is excited to be back for her second year of Fringe reviewing.

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