Fringefeed | 31 Jan 2019

Be More Chill

Dynamic, animated and potent, Be More Chill truly embodies the form and nature of your classic musical production.

Whilst the quality of its performances and score was high, some conceptual elements were left to be desired.

Overall, however, this production is a must-see for those of you seeking a more theatrically traditional FRINGE WORLD experience.

Doubtless, Be More Chill had a high production value, facilitated primarily through the quality of the performers, not least of all their singing capabilities.

In an impressive achievement, especially considering the relatively young ages of all those involved, every key was hit in every number.

The dynamic vocal ranges of all the performers were maximised through solo performances, making for a well-rounded show, and indicating the quality of both the individuals on stage and the shows’ creators.

The concept and execution of the choreography, too, indicates a highly dedicated and skilled production team and cast.

Atmospherically resonant with the song or score, ceaselessly spirited and incorporating a creative use of props and performers, it achieved its purposes as both contributing to the overall force of the production, and as legitimately noteworthy in its own right.

The optimised use of stage space facilitated the high energy oeuvre audiences expect from musicals, and in this capacity, Be More Chill did not disappoint.

Nonetheless, the show had its shortcomings, and I feel that many of Be More Chill’s problems arose from not truly knowing its audience.

Whilst some jokes received a smattering of laughs, most did not resonate strongly with the crowd.

The topic of mental illness, taken seriously by most young people, was handled clumsily, leading to an at-times awkward relationship between audience and performer.

Regardless of its comedic and thematic shortfalls, this production was an otherwise successful rendition of the Musical archetype.

Performers’ energetic gusto mirrored the intense and high-calibre score, and you will doubtless leave the theatre bopping and humming to the memorable tunes: the sign of an honourably noteworthy musical.

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Stirling Kain

Stirling is an emerging arts journalist from Perth. With a strong background in arts-related authorship, she is passionate about exploring the arts scene of her home city and writing about what she finds. She is excited to view the kind of original and zany content that the 2019 Fringe Festival has to offer.

Ticket Price $23 - $30

End Date 03 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $23 - $30
  • End Date 03 Feb 2019
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Any issues this reviewer has are with the script itself and not the performance, so it seems - and that's nothing the cast and crew can be held accountable for. A rating of 2.5 stars is very rough when this show deserves a 4 at the very least.

Reviewed by Bree 2019

Don’t think I agree with this review. It was a fantastic show and so well done. Shame about the mic difficulties but I’m sure they sorted that.

Reviewed by Kris 2019