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Backdoor Cabaret

Backdoor Cabaret is the cat’s pyjamas! If you’re looking for somewhere to spend your clams, head to the show to experience the speakeasy straight out of the 1920s.

The Perth Cabaret Collective is a well known band in Perth, who serve up jazz on a well polished platter. For this year’s FRINGEWORLD they have combined forces with a troupe of pin-up burlesque dancers to transport audiences back in time.

Lead singer Jessie Gordon banters with the crowd and sashays through her set with vocal ease. Her partner in crime, Mark Turner, croons alongside her and even delivers his own composition, right at home among the classics.

These are both world-class performers, who live, work and share their talents right here in Perth. Both artists showcase their vocal acumen in Backdoor Cabaret, which they have developed through their solo careers and world wide touring.

Perth is fortunate indeed to have such leaders in jazz music in its midst.

The burlesque dancers in the show are dynamite. The seven women evoke Mae West and Josephine Baker in their sultry turns on stage.

Even their names; Amelia Kisses, Scarlet O’Harlot, Lulu Liqueur, Veruca Sour, Fifi Fontaine, The Sugar Duchess and Lucy Lovegun; add to the atmosphere of generous and provocative fun. They are on point in their character and dance moves.

The members of the band are all amazing muscicians. Stand out performances include the best muted-trumpet work heard in Perth and solo spins from saxophone.

The band members – also in speakeasy hangover costume – work as one, reading not only the music but each other to deliver a seamless torrent of precise, yet fluid, jazz.

It is clear the star of Backdoor Cabaret is the artistic director Jess Herbert who also performs in the band on saxophone and baritone saxophone.

Her pure joy in leading and performing is clear in her face and regular “whoop!”. She knows, anticipates and then relishes every note played by her team.

Without this lynchpin, the show would not be the same and her organisational skills are key to Backdoor Cabaret’s success.

This is a FRINGEWORLD 2018 diamond. Shimmy down to the Edith at The Ice Cream Factory until the 17 February. Only three shows left!

About the Author

Amber Blake

This is Amber’s second year as a FRINGE WORLD reviewer, and she manages to suppress the urge to shout I’M BACK, BABY! Amber’s regular 9 to 5 is writing grown up documents for the government but her true passion is writing reviews and observations, which enables her main hobby; people watching. A long-time audience member of FRINGE WORLD, you’ll find Amber at random shows throughout the festival, not waiting for friends to get their own tickets organised. Life is too short to miss out on funny and weird!

Ticket Price $25 - $30

End Date 17 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $25 - $30
  • End Date 17 Feb 2018
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