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Bach & Beer

Bach & Beer is a musical and taste experience created and run by the classical minds of Australian Baroque.

Held in a tiny space at the historical Windsor Hotel, the musicians play the compositions of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach whilst audience members enjoy fresh beer and ale provided by the Hotel.

Each drink is specifically hand-chosen by the company to represent and complement a different piece of Bach’s work.

Unfortunately, the small space and general disorganisation of the event in general were its main downfalls. The base idea behind Bach & Beer – pairing taste with sound – is a fantastic one, however the execution left a lot to be desired.

The Corner Bar at Windsor was far too small a venue to fit as many people as the show was keen to have. Every audience member was packed in like sardines, with not enough seats or space to stand comfortably.

This also meant that when the beer samples were handed out to be tasted along with the music, there was no way to circulate it amongst everyone who came to see the show within the short span of time between songs.

It became the onus of the audience members closest to the bar to try and distribute the glasses which detracted from trying to enjoy on the music.

For example, by the time the bar staff poured the second wave of beers one by one and attempted to circulate them, the musicians on stage had begun to describe how the third wave of beers would match their next piece to perform.

The music, whilst exceptional, could not hope to stay at pace with the speed of the second part of “Bach and Beer.”

So, whilst the concept behind Bach and Beer could be an absolutely amazing and entirely creative one, and the music (The Bach aspect) was incredible, as it was performed on era appropriate instruments, it needs more organisation to iron out the logistical errors.

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Awesome! I don’t usually go to classical concerts but this was brilliant. Beer and music, what more could you want. The players were amazing, tell me when the next one is

Reviewed by Brian 2020

Forget the Fringe Review, this was fantastic! Amazing music, talented musicians, great beer. The fact there were so many people packed in not only showed how popular this event was it also gave it a great atmosphere. I was happy to help pass along the taster beers, it made for a friendly, fun gig and everyone had a great time. The music was electric and superbly performed and we loved the chat in between the pieces. Do it again please!!

Reviewed by Antony 2020