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Baby Got Back: Size Queens

I had the pleasure of attending Baby Got Back: Size Queens at the Edith Spiegeltent, and damn, pleasure is the right word.

Baby Got Back: Size Queens tackles the radical concept of women taking up space. The show features a range of dance, burlesque and comedy performances to explore different aspects of feminism, by a collective of all female performers.

It shouts its anthems of choice, representation and diversity and is unapologetically sexy and powerful – it represents the voice of the fourth wave of feminism, which is inclusive and intersectional, focussing on exploring not just themes of female empowerment and individual choice, but representation in society, addressing aspects such as the gender pay gap, media representation, slut-shaming and more.

These messages are conveyed through a series of burlesque, dance and comedy numbers – while Baby Got Back’s messages are hard-hitting and important they are accessible and delivered in a clever and uninhibited manner.

The show commenced with an introduction to club feral, and several performers dressed as skimpily anime style cats (the feral pussys) in the opening number, setting the tone for the show to come. The audience was introduced to the “rules” for attending, including elements such as “look don’t touch”.

The presenter (Memphis Mae) was fantastic, delivering her message of sexual liberation in a witty, funny and fast-paced manner. She dealt very well with a varied crowd on the night, including some drunken hecklers with one-liners such as “another rule – if you feel you want to heckle, don’t” – all Fringe performers know the challenges of managing a rowdy crowd, and Mayhem was a professional.

The acts themselves were fabulous, high quality and performed expertly. The show didn’t pull any punches, with several of the acts adult and explicit, but always in fun. A particular stand out was burlesque routine by well-known perth local, Sugar Du Joure and a dance number by performer Shamita Siva.

Baby Got Back is a wild ride of uninhibited feminism, well worth viewing. The show aims to make you laugh, turn you on and hopefully think, and it certainly does all three.

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Lorna Mackie

In the theatre for more than 20 years, with numerous award winning shows under her belt, Lorna is passionate about supporting the arts community, and holds management roles in two theatre organisations. Lorna is excited to able to provide entertaining reviews to help people choose from awesome array of shows!

Ticket Price $27 - $34

End Date 03 Feb 2019

  • Ticket Price $27 - $34
  • End Date 03 Feb 2019
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Always a pleasure to keep coming back to this show each time it comes back to Perth. Strong, independent, sassy women taking no sh*t, and enjoying themselves immensely doing so. And massively entertaining the audience. Specific shout outs to the sheep and chair acts.

Reviewed by Paul 2019

I absolutely loved the show! There was constant laughter and involvement from the crowd. Super entertaining, with feminism, burlesque and comedy filling the stage I don’t know how you couldn’t be happy!
DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! Even the Grandma was having a laugh 💖🙌

Reviewed by Zoe 2019