Fringefeed | 05 Feb 2018

Ayden Doherty: Shame and Abuse – The Nightmarish Quiz Show

It may be the name of the show that keeps the masses away, it may be the late night Sunday timeslot, or it may be both.

The few Fringe-goers that braved the show were greeted by a frenetic Tomas Ford assigning a number at random to each person on entry. We then had to collect our own chairs from a chaotic pile in front of the stage & find our team members.

Quizmaster Ayden Doherty welcomed us from the stage, dressed in an eye-catching black & white zig zag jacket. Team names were given by Doherty based on appearance, since apparently the last show’s participants were confused by team numbers.

Bonus points for table choice were assigned arbitrarily and then immediately cancelled out when the team tried to get more bonus points.

The team with the most people were given the advantage of choosing the topic of the first round. It wasn’t much of an advantage, since all of the available topics would be heard later on.

After ten quick-fire questions, with each team having to write the answers on a blank sheet of paper, assistant Ford quickly collected and tallied the answers. Scores were revealed and then we moved on to a bonus round of three questions.

After several rounds and 30 minutes flew by, one member of each team was called up to the stage for a “Price is Right” style question. The winner was given the prize of kicking out any team of their choosing.

My team had the most points so unfortunately we were the chosen team.

Tomas Ford escorted us out of the room, pretending to console us with the offer of tea and biscuits which grinning widely.

Perhaps the hosts were just in a good mood, but it was less like a nightmare than a fun game that was over all too quickly.

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Kate Fisher

Kate has been lurking around the fringe for a few years and has finally decided to do something . . . but like "those that can't do, teach"; "those that can't perform, review". Kate likes burlesque, cabaret weirdos, music and cats. When not bingeing on the fringe she can generally be found attending local music gigs.

Ticket Price $5.50 - $10

End Date 18 Feb 2018

  • Ticket Price $5.50 - $10
  • End Date 18 Feb 2018
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