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Awkward Confessions Of A Homeless Greek Sex God

If you were going to see a Greek sex God, as comedian George Zacharopoulos touts himself to be, then there is no better place than the decidedly kitsch Hellenic Club. The show’s title, like the comedian’s thick accent was a mouthful with the show seemingly unsure of its tone veering from conversational to observational.

The title refers to Zacharopoulos’ experiences and travels after breaking up with his girlfriend, which is a strong starting point for the handsome Greek to delve into his awkward sexual exploits across Europe but the flow of his jokes felt like it needed some tightening up. There is a sense that Zacharopoulos is still working out his material for Perth audiences as he searches for what lands him the biggest responses. He speaks with excited boyish vigour of his first time taking ecstasy, the shock of uncovering a hook-up’s proclivity to S&M, and inadvertently confirming why spa parties are always dodgy affairs.

Zacharopoulos is jocular in a sweet, wide-eyed way that is completely endearing and at times through the show it’s impossible not to have a huge smile on your face as his experiences are ludicrously funny whilst being completely relatable. However he did muddy the waters with extraneous stories.

He spent too much time on the trials of growing up as a Greek boy, which albeit was quite funny with a number of people giggling hysterically, notwithstanding it did ultimately detract from other portions of his set. Furthermore topics like being a former Biochemistry student turned comedian required further concise explanation into why he chose that path and its relevance to this show.

Yet towards the end Zacharopoulos did reveal that he suffered from a life-threatening illness as a child.

What could’ve been a sombre note actually came across as touching, giving light to his motivations as a comedian as he extolled the audience to have fun and not take life too seriously, which like a revelation, evidently was actually the real message of this show.

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