Fringefeed | 01 Feb 2020

Are You Still Mad At Us?

Dry wit abounds in Are You Still Mad At Us?, with Laura Hutch and Alice Mack taking a half-show set each.

This is their combined debut at FRINGE WORLD, with both women being recognised at RAW Comedy competitions last year.

Mack opens the show, easily connecting with the audience and delivering a set of observational humor interwoven with social commentary and a host of unpredictable punchlines.

Relaxed and deadpan, it’s the pacing of the set that makes Mack’s portion of the show particularly enjoyable. She’s clearly comfortable letting an awkward moment sit—intentionally created, of course—and her dry humor is all the more impactful for it.

Connecting apocalypse with fairytale and prescription medication with Pokémon, Mack’s set is splendidly strange and sure to amuse.

Hutch performs with a similarly dry wit, but a distinctively cynical bent and more energetic delivery.

Her material, however, is brand new and the opening night set soon loses momentum as a result. It’s a challenging predicament, one that any comedian would struggle with, and we don’t really get the chance to experience Hutch’s jokes as intended. Losing her place and rushing towards the punchlines doesn’t leave Hutch much to work with.

Overall this duo shows a lot of potential, their material—albeit too new in Hutch’s case—is well-written, they don’t fall back on oft-misused and invasive crowd work, and they connect with the audience effortlessly.

While opening night ran short, there was plenty of enjoyment to be had and the show promises to run more smoothly on upcoming nights.

It may be lacking polish at this point, but Mack and Hutch’s comedic styles pair well together and there’s definite skill visible in what was only a glimpse this time around.

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Jasmin Seabrook-Benson is a freelance writer, editor, and poet. Her work has appeared in publications including The West Australian, Underground Writers, Fringefeed and Buzzcuts. She is also co-founder and editor of Gutter Culture.

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Great show, with two amazing female comedians. Alice Mack's commentary on climate change was both deeply cathartic and energising at once. Brilliant!

Reviewed by Mason 2020