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The MC for the night, Lucina Panties asked the audience what is the meaning of life? What is our purpose here? The answer: to have fun and that’s what the audience received from a cabaret burlesque show that was based around the stars.

Not the stars in the sky but the zodiac signs of astrology.

After a quick lesson on burlesque manners (don’t scream at women outdoors but only in Fringe shows) the entertainment began.

Libra the balancer of gravity by Miss Lola Moore. The audience was in the mood for some communal singing as well.

Then Virgo, whose legs go all the way down to the ground, by Miss Faboula Bell.

After audience practice of their Ohhhhhhhhh’s to perfection (which didn’t require much practice) the show continues with a short explanation of the sex life of scorpions which leads to Scorpio.

For me this was the highlight of the show as John Dee demonstrated his skills of shibari rope techniques on a very willing participant.

If you do not know what shibari is then you better read up on this erotic rope tying techniques.

But back to the show. Cancer, Miss Amy darling, a shy hindbody who happily came out of her shell literally.

There was Leo the cat who performed some leg twirling tricks while up on a stand ending with Aquarius – Miss Lola Moo who definitely had the audience in fits with her act.

This show was such a hoot that if you can get your hands on a ticket then go and see how the zodiac signs will reveal all to you.

But be warned – you will have fits of laughter and excitement. Just go with somebody you know really well.

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