Fringefeed | 26 Jan 2020

Anna Piper Scott: Queer & Present Danger

Bold, controversial, confronting, and compassionate. Anna Piper-Scott elegantly packs a punch with a velvet glove.

A proud magnificent warrior of diversity, inclusion and equity, she takes no prisoners.

Piper-Scott didn’t skip a beat during this well-crafted show, busting through the myths, stigmas and common misunderstandings about transgender and sexuality, with great grace, poise and humour.

The show, a superb combination of ethos, pathos and logos was a complete sell-out and the audience loved her.

Piper-Scott is bright, funny and passionate about inclusivity in all areas of life, demonstrated throughout her show, from her respectful acknowledgement of the First Nations and using a sign language interpreter.

Piper-Scott gently educates people about the gender and sexuality spectrum with a wry self-deprecating humour.

What impressed me most was how she deftly took the audience to some dark places with such care and sensitivity that I felt we were able to look at it together safely and bring it out into the light a little more.

Piper-Scott described her own struggles with gender identity and the tough journey she has been on, only coming out as her real gender two years ago.

For three decades she painfully masqueraded in the gender she was assigned at birth.

Aware complicated emotions can be triggered with this topic, Piper-Scott stayed on outside after the show to support and talk to anyone about the issues she’d raised. She was surrounded by a crowd wanting to talk to her a long time after the show closed. Her courage is outstanding.

I found her an inspirational and powerful ambassador for those that have been marginalised or ostracised and believe the world needs more people like Piper-Scott.

People brave and willing to dispel misconceptions and build empathy. As a straight cis woman, I found her show to be challenging and it illuminated many common biases, making me understand the recent controversial changes to a fundamentally binary Australia, such as the introduction of ‘all gender’ toilets, and why removing a child’s biological sex from birth certificates is helpful.

Anna Piper-Scott offers a masterclass in diversity and inclusion that should be compulsory.

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This show was raw, hilarious, dark, emotional, snarky, witty, and triumphantly queer. Anna commanded the room, and took us on a deeply personal journey, which resonated in ways I'm still thinking about. I sobbed my heart out in that tent, and laughed my a** off; it was an absolute rollercoaster. It was incredible to have her back in Perth absolutely tearing it up. A true performer, and a rare gem.

Reviewed by Lesley 2020

Anna will make you fall in love with Her. She is honest, kind, Truly caring, and stupidly Funny. I could listen to her talk all day. This has been my top show this fringe, without a douBt.

Reviewed by Shannon 2020