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Amy Hetherington – Where They Hide The Crazy

Comedian Amy Hetherington is here to let us know about her current hometown Darwin, or Where They Hide The Crazy.

Darwin has a dwindling population so has embarked on a recruitment drive and Hetherington is helping them along.

According to this show, being a resident of Darwin does require a bit of quirkiness, which Hetherington can outline.

She points out the crazy and sometimes questionable benefits of living in the most northern capital.

Crocodiles? Endless humidity? Ruining your best underwear?

Hetherington is originally from Albany and uses her local knowledge in her positive, friendly set.

She presents as your neighbour or water-cooler chat buddy, ready with a welcoming grin and a bizarre but true story to brighten your day.

Her story telling is at its best when recounting personal tales from her own relationship with her straitlaced yet enthusiastic husband.

With an optimistic and generous comedy style, Hetherington is a welcome addition to the Australian comedy scene.

It’s a sector still needing better balance of gender representation and having Amy Hetherington in their ranks is good for the entire community. Not to mention her audiences, who will enjoy her shows in the meantime.

Hetherington is touring Where They Hide The Crazy around Australia so take this opportunity to catch who is hopefully a regular feature of Australian comedy line-ups in the future.

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This is Amber’s second year as a FRINGE WORLD reviewer, and she manages to suppress the urge to shout I’M BACK, BABY! Amber’s regular 9 to 5 is writing grown up documents for the government but her true passion is writing reviews and observations, which enables her main hobby; people watching. A long-time audience member of FRINGE WORLD, you’ll find Amber at random shows throughout the festival, not waiting for friends to get their own tickets organised. Life is too short to miss out on funny and weird!

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Amy Hetheringtons - Where they hide the crazy is called that for a good reason. It does sound like a fantastic mix of people, done justice by the way in which Amy tells the stories of NT life.

Amy had the guests eating out of her hands (well plate) before smthe show even started, and was such a delight to see.

I went with friends and we talked about many points of the show, and jokes told well into the night.
A must watch, well done Amy!

Reviewed by Rebecca 2019