Fringefeed | 19 Jan 2020

Amos Gill: Ruins

Echoing the Ancient Greeks, Amos Gill is known on the circuit for his masterful comedic storytelling of Gods, heroes and superpowers.

His new show Ruins masterfully scrutinises our contemporary Western society, drawing comparisons and teachings from classical civilisations to the current, hilariously pitting the East versus the West, and artistically weaving through topics such as our heroic Aussie firefighters through to Prince Andrew’s superpower, his inability to sweat.

A FRINGE WORLD favourite, Amos returns to Perth to ambitiously repackage stand-up using a TED-inspired delivery model, crammed with facts and quotes, all bound by his enduring wit and masterful observational comedy.

For an award-winning comedic heavyweight like Amos, someone who has toured with the likes of Jim Jefferies, it was somewhat humbling to see him appear a little vulnerable.

All comedians great and small need a space to try out new material, but Amos’s Achilles heel tonight was his hesitation to stand behind more of his controversial jokes and really own the stage.

Amos becomes the stuff of legend when he’s working with material where it’s evident he’s most comfortable; witty cultural comparisons, topical and political themes, and passing on a sharp, satirical and pertinent look at our Australian selves in this unsettling new world. And his accents are always exceptional.

Tonight Amos Gill may not have reached mythical status, but he will effortlessly get you laughing; whether it be at our food-photo obsessed society, at a tongue or eggplant emoji, or at his nan’s expense. Go and see Ruins for yourself before our civilisation implodes. You’ll learn a little but laugh a lot.

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Danielle Rock is a Fringe fanatic. She has a BA in English and works in International Education, though at the moment it’s all #motherhood. Besides being a full-time children’s entertainer and excelling in her role as chief toy-picker-uperer, she loves singing and strumming badly, giving into wanderlust and correcting people’s grammar.

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