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All Around the World: The International Comedy Show

I understand that comedians don’t just rock up one day, take your hard earned cash and perform a set. There are months and months of blood, sweat and tears that goes into writing a script that is going to make a jaded audience laugh; and hopefully laugh riotously out loud.

However, the acts I saw, who were billed as the best of the best of comedians from the four corners of the world, did not live up to the marketing hype.

Gary, alias Gary Sansome of Bald Man Sings Rihanna, hails from Scotland. Like most hosts, his job is to hype up the audience so the energy levels get to a fever pitch. He bantered with the audience and received some genuine comedic relief from the answers back.

The next act was the Irishman from Absolutely Irish fame, Donal Vaughan. Unfortunately for me, I had seen this exact act two days earlier. The audience was receptive to his testicle and Irish observational humour. However, Vaughan seemed distracted and a bit flat in his delivery as he kept forgetting where he was in his script. Saying that, apart from our host Gary, he was the most polished in his overall performance and comedic content.

The next act was Mat Gray. Apparently he does a lot of work with children and I must confess the mainly young audience were treated like children.

His mime magic act was accompanied with a very well scripted music track, which he magically controlled himself whilst performing.

There were moments of genius, such as the audience member Jesus skit, but unfortunately most of it fell flat. There was laughter, but more of the polite variety.

The final act was LJ Da Funk. This was bizarre in all senses of the word. With an accent of Forest Gump married with Foghorn Leghorn he attempted to shout his way through his set. At least his energy levels were much higher than all the other acts.

As he instructed “my humour is best appreciated retrospectively” which is what most of the small audience was doing as they flicked through Wikipedia to find the reference to his punchlines.

I think my expectation was set much higher because of terms of “all around the world” and “International Comedy Show” in the title. Instead I felt as if I was at a first year University comedy review.

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Darren Moldrich

Darren graduated from Murdoch University with a Communications degree. He currently works in the cinema industry and in the past has been an actor in theatre productions. After writing for The Music magazine for the Comedy Festival and movie reviews, he comes to FRINGE WORLD armed with an eclectic experience and an appreciation of all things Fringe.

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Here in Adelaide fringe. It’s supposed to be just for mature audiences, so I thought taking my 16 year old would be fine. All three comedians talked about sex nearly whole hour, with visual movements with hands etc. I thought it was not appropriate bordering on disgusting and also to ask audiences whether she should have a threesome. Not very imaginative if that’s all they can come up with. There are so many other topics in the world. I have watched many comedians whom have there own shows for an hour or more and they don’t even mention sex in their whole show. These guys have 15mins each. Not impressed

Reviewed by Alison 2020