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Akmal – Trial & Error 2020

There’s no better way to “break the wall” than give your audience breast feeding tips and advice on how to spot a sexual predator.

It was clear Akmal enjoys a challenge, throwing out gems of wisdom in the guise of clowning around. He revelled in making people think about the big issues in his own unique way, teetering on the edge of offending but never going too far. When he asked “Have you been touched by Shane Warne?” it gave pause to ponder.

Trial and Error is Akmal hanging loose, riffing his way through an hour of original stand up banter with his audience as a means of testing material for a forthcoming show.

The tone at Rosie O’Grady’s Cabaret Bar was one of laid back conversational storytelling. Akmal made us think about the ridiculous side of religion, pot smokers with conspiracy theories, and having sex with mud.

No matter how irritating the hecklers, they were cleverly incorporated into the routine. Akmal is a seasoned professional – he was just going with the flow and the crowd loved him for it.

There was much social commentary, observations about long term marriage, libido, dildos, Jesus and chemtrails.

Randomness drew together into a bigger picture of human nature and the ridiculous situations we find ourselves in. Urinating woes, staring at glowing crucifixes and a poodle’s nether regions in the bedroom. It somehow tied together.

It wouldn’t be an Akmal show without his drawing on his Arabic heritage to make political statements. Current events in Iran were touched upon with much hand waving and mad facial expressions – more of a statement about the country’s leaders. Immigration and assimilation theories were broached with a creative, cheeky visualisation.

Akmal’s final improv about a trip to Jerusalem was very funny indeed and could easily be drawn out, but it was his final joke and the hour was up. I chuckled about it all the way back to my motel room.

Akmal, one of Australia’s best loved comics, is an inventor. It was clear he had more than enough new material to play with.

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Simone Keane is a writer and musician from WA’s south coast. When she is not performing, she enjoys being entertained and writing about it. She has freelanced for arts, music and lifestyle magazines Forte and Aurora.

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group of 5 went to see Akmal, show going fine, quite funny, we could not all sit together so 3 girls in front row and 2 guys standing at the back, he kept saying i get distracted easily to all the people in the front rows, then suddenly asks the 3 in my group to move from the front as he has warned you and calls security to move them, we thought it was a joke at first but then he said, they wont be back next year, and as there were no more seats, we all left, what a wierd guy, seems he didnt like people laughinG at his comedy, never ever seen anything so strange would never pay to see this weirdo again.

Reviewed by Graeme 2020