Fringefeed | 18 Jan 2020

Adults Only Magic Show

Known for family friendly magic acts, I was curious to see how Sam Hume and Justin Williams had sexed up their tricks for the Adults Only Magic Show, and if they could pull it off.

Expectations were clearly high with a box office sell out on FRINGE WORLD’s opening night.
The duo capitalised on their cheeky wit, and Justin’s playful desire to take off his clothes was not without purpose. With offers of free drink cards, some volunteers from the audience had the opportunity to show their sexy side too, which proved hilarious.

They call themselves ‘The Showmen’ and it is clear to see why. There were expressions of surprise and delight on every face inside The Big Top from start to finish. The adult element of this show added spice and humour without detracting from the intrigue and genius these two magicians are known for.

I have some knowledge of how mentalist magic is done, but the big reveals at this show had me stumped. Had Justin distracted the crowd with his sexy moves? Or had Sam diverted our attention with his witty banter and very unusual, infectious laugh? Sam laughed at Justin a lot. We all did.

Sam’s sleight of hand card work proved a winner, as did Justin’s suspense-driven escapist act. Dirty adults-only one-liners bounced back and forth effortlessly during each skilful magic act and the pair worked the audience with confidence.

Outcomes were unexpected and original, a testament to this magic duo’s experience and professionalism.

They gave the crowd a moving back story about an event which could easily have derailed their successful trajectory as award winning, globe trotting entertainers. It’s a snappy show delivered with creative flare and impressive showmanship. Magic at its finest and funniest.

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Simone Keane

Simone Keane is a writer and musician from WA’s south coast. When she is not performing, she enjoys being entertained and writing about it. She has freelanced for arts, music and lifestyle magazines Forte and Aurora.

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Worst fringe act I’ve ever been to. It needs to be removed. Myself and the ten guests I brought along were thoroughly disappointed.

Reviewed by Taylah 2020

Two young guys who have put together a fabulous show. Talented magicians and great audience interaction!

Reviewed by Ady 2020