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Absolutely Irish

Martin Mor opens this set of three completely different Irish comedians. Mary Bourke is sandwiched by the boys with Donal Vaughan completing the trifecta. And what a trifecta it is!

Mor’s opening is frenetic as he banters with the sell out crowd. Clearly he is pleasantly surprised at the turnout. You can see it in his confident delivery.

Here is a man on top of his comedic game as he asks the audience who they are and more pertinently who they are with. He uses the information to either rip into said audience members or simply bounce off one random stranger to another.

At one stage he had a 19 year old lad paired up with a married 47 year old women to gain sexual experience; and become a better lover to his 20 year old girlfriend sitting uncomfortably next to him. The room was in stitches.

From there we were taken to Bourke’s sharp and incisive observational humour. Her sister lives in Subiaco so she had a heads up about Australian culture.

“In Subiaco when they have Halloween my sister dresses up as Gluten and her husband comes as Lactose” – from that moment she had the audience eating out of her Irish hands.

Vaughan was the final act. He started nervously but slowly warmed up. A fat boy with a potato head – his own admission – he launched into a series of self deprecating jokes. Some fell flat but some were gems.

Overall, the three completely different styles seemed to compliment each other. Bourke and Vaughan seemed a bit nervous and thus the audience were not always at ease with them. Stand up comedy ain’t an easy gig.

The Irish accents were strong but it was the fast paced delivery that made some jokes indecipherable; which was a pity because the entire show was very original and loaded with humour. If you need a good laugh, spend your cash on these three.

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Average the best. Especially the last guy who made the last 20min insufferable.

Reviewed by Mills 2020